Sherri Holder

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High School Math Teacher

Mrs. Sherri Holder
also known as Algie Braw on Facebook



Years Teaching:  25

Grades Taught:  All grades except PK,K, & 5th

Married: Richard Holder

Children: None

Cats: 2 Inside -  Hattie and Sista
1 Outside- Rascal Red
( also called Crazy Cat Lady)

I am still kicking it "old school" with a little technology and activities sprinkled though my lesson plans. 
I am willing to go the extra mile to help a student as long as they have their mind prepared to learn. 
My parents are extra special to me. 
As teacher at Gordon ISD for 24 years, I am very dedicated to the school district.
It may seem like I always have a scowl on my face at school, but I really enjoy my job, my co-workers and the students!

Tutoring on Wednesdays