Meet the Superintendent

As I start my fifth year in Gordon and my eighth year as a school superintendent, two questions have  been asked of me several times this summer.  

Why do I work in education especially as a Superintendent?  
Where is our school headed?

I work in education because I love it.  Yes, I love being in education, being a Superintendent?  Most of the time I would say I love that too. Why?  What other profession can you make this kind of a difference! Where else can you go to work and believe the following:

·            I believe that education and educators are two of the greatest gifts we can give the next generation.
I believe that I can make a difference in someone’s life every day.
I believe a pre-K student’s laugh can cure most problems, if you listen to it. 
o With that said, it won’t get Cheeto dust off of a white shirt.   
I believe every student can learn.
I believe every student deserves to be prepared to succeed.
I believe every student deserves a positive educational experience every day.  
I believe the saying “you can count the seeds in an apple but only God can count the apples in a seed.” could be restated as “You can grade the student on what they know, but only God knows exactly what you taught them."

Where is our school headed?  
Many things in education will change from year to year--funding, programs, initiatives, copiers, staff, even students change.  All of these have an impact, but what I want our school to be known for is two things. 
A staff that is professional, positive, and encouraging.  Students who are engaged in meaningful learning, stretched to be their best and improve, willing to take chances and be successful.  I want for those two things to be a constant at Gordon ISD.  

Eric Hough