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Gordon HS Guidelines
Dual credit courses are offered at Gordon ISD through a partnership with Ranger College. Enrollment in dual credit allows students to earn credit at both the high school and college levels. Below is a current list of course offerings*:

  • College English 1 for Juniors via ITV and Online (English 1301 & 1302)
  • College English 2 for Seniors Online (English 2322 & 2323)
  • College Algebra for Seniors Online (Math 1314)
  • College U.S. History for Juniors (History 1301 & 1302)
  • College U.S. Government for Seniors ( Government 2305)
  • College Economics for Seniors (Economics 2301)
  • College Music Appreciation for Seniors (Music 1306)
  • College Anatomy & Physiology I (Biology 2401 & Lab)
  • College Public Speaking for Sophomores & Up (Speech 1315)
  • College Learning Framework for Sophomores & Up (Education 1100)

Students who take Dual Credit classes must take the TSI (a placement exam) to demonstrate college readiness. The test is administered on an as needed basis on campus and costs $30.